Dim Sum Dishes

Har gow - Steamed Shrimp Dumpling

Siu mai - Steamed Pork Dumpling

Cha so bow - steamed BBQ pork bun
(you can also get chicken buns)

Dja har gow - Deep fried shrimp dumplings with mayonnaise dressing

Foon gor - steamed seafood dumpling (shrimp / scallop)

Fung jao - Steamed chicken feet

Ga lai mak yu jai - Steamed cuttlefish
(usually curried)

Now bak yeep - Steamed pork tripe
Now jap yeep - Steamed beef tripe

Fried Beancurd shrimp rolls

Lo mai gai - sticky rice wrapped in Lotus leaf

San jook now yook - Steamed beef meatballs

Jai har - Ground shrimp wrapped around sugar cane

Yueng nai gwa - Eggplant stuffed with ground fish / shrimp.

Seaweed shrimp roll.
Regency Palace in Calgary does a Seaweed salmon-with-peach roll that is my favourite anywhere!

Sin-jyook-kyun - Steamed bean curd roll

Hack jui pai gwat - Black pepper beef short ribs

Si jiu pai gwat - Steamed pork spareribs

Gai bao - Baked chicken bun

Dai ji gao - Steamed scallop & shrimp dumpling

Yueng chang jiu - Green pepper stuffed with ground fish

Har chung fan - shrimp rice pancake (served with sweet soya)

Lo mai fan - No mai rice bowl.
Other Dim Sum items that I don't have pictures for:
Now Jap - "bowl of guts" (actually translates to 'beef junk')
Dau fu fa - blended tofu with sugar syrup (dessert) Great to settle the tummy!
Mongo bo dien - Mango pudding (usually served with condensed milk)
Now bak yeep - Steamed pork tripe
Chun gyun - Spring Roll

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